This second volume of yoga cards is a deck of fifty playing cards introducing intermediate to advanced yoga positions. It can be used complementary with the first yoga cards set or as an individual set.

The selection of asanas represented was developed while practising and teaching the children, and by being teachers to each other at the same time.

Twenty cards of the set propose asanas to be done in pairs or in a group. Some cards are dedicated to the introduction of pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation, because a complete education requires a specific attention to these kind of exercises.

The yoga cards are not only for children but also bring a lot of joy to adults and are a fun to discover the creative and interactive side of yoga practice.

Certain postures represented in the yoga cards don't show the original translation of the Sanskrit name.

They have in fact been adapted for children as the yoga cards have been created for them primarily. However, all the names in Sanskrit are the original terms.

In the booklet with the cards you will find the list of  the postures and their original translation.


You can use the Yoga Cards in many different games or you can just simply pick up one of them and perform the position, holding that long time and in the meanwhile you can observe your sensations.

You can continue so, choosing more cards, like this you can create everytime a new sequence, alone or with frineds.


Si possono usare le Carte di Yoga in molti giochi, o semplicemente sceglierne una ed eseguire la posizione mantenendola a lungo ed osservando le proprie sensazioni.

Si puo´ continuare cosi´, scegliendo successivamente altre carte, creando cosi´ogni volta una nuova sequenza, da soli o in compagnia.

THE NEW YOGA POSTER plasticized, with all the 49 positions which you can find in the second volume of the Yoga Cards. (Cm. 42 x 29,5)

The bigger version in thick paper (Cm. 59,5 x 83).

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The new YOGA POSTER with the 49 positions from the second volume of the YOGA CARDS and the MANTRA.

The photos are taken during the yoga classes with the children

YOGA POSTER cm. 50x70

YOGA POSTER cm. 42x29,5